Dava Wing

Dictaphone Poem

I cough myself a week. I cough myself awake. Paragraphparagraph I retrieve some water. What time is it I wonder.

We have a clock on our oven. The digital clock the digital face. The kind with: two numbers,::: Followed by two numbers. Potentially 8S.

So what time is it? Potentially 88:88.

The first digitRosethere are some rose rose rose rose roust missing rows missing, so sometimes the time reads wrong. Whatever time it potentially is, is not shirt. I check.it’s not sure. Of itself. Judging by the light, well, judging by the face: it could it said, It’s five, 5 o’clock, 500508. Judging by the light,well, sometimes sometimes I can judge for the light judged by the light, I can stand in the room and I can tell what time it really is.as a possible how is it possible to not know?? How is it possible to not know? What time it really is?but if you sleep like me calm, and I slept at 5 AM, and I slept hard because I was so tired, I only slepteight hours in the past two days combined, almost 3, or maybe only so it seems only.

Well since

So if you sleep like me, you cough yourself a week, cough yourself awake, The stumble into the kitchen for some water.and without glasses on, you wonder what time it is. And when the clock says 88:80 or 508, The sink you think, that really could be the time. For real. Leno Leno why why, Why not.

And I thought, or is it really five?P.m.? In the afternoon? Did I sleep five hours, I mean, didn’t sleep 12 hours did I sleep good I sleep 12 hours? Wasn’t I supposed to meet Sam at 22, too? Two? So that I sleep past my alarm did I did I?I was that tired? Late again? Late again?

But it’s possible the clockis wrong because it’s broken. I don’t know if it’s early morning or late afternoon it’s overcast. So seems.I have no idea. There’s definitely sun sun sun so it’s definitely DDD day.

The messages from you. Clock on the phone is correct and it says it’s ninein the morning. Oh how lovely I’m up early I have time I’m on time, Not late not late, I even have time to sleep for more, and even more time to sinkto think. I had dreams… I forget.

I’m floating through Time space I practice precision I hit or miss.when we miss, we missing we are missing, like the Rose Rose Rose row row Rose from the clock.

Message messages aboutlight and water and rainbows rainbows thank you for that that in MIA no sleep andEmily and MMM space am I now am I know asleep and my now asleepand I know sleep for a week. Space

“Am I now asleep or awake?”


Sent from the tropopause


Dava Wing (aka Frog) is an itinerant performer and baby magician. Reality is ever-shifting (a simultaneously empowering and disempowering idea). Anything could happen! How can you know for sure? Catch the current wave: www.theparhelia.com (or everywhere else: @theparhelia).

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