Jeremy Freedman


what if I were a double-jointed
map with Antarctica flipped
terra incognita on top

what if I could bend my double-jointed
thumb all the way back to my sinistral
wrist vertiginously

what if I were to lay down this poem
on the concrete floor before
I had even set it in odd digits

what if I wrapped my thumbs
around it in opposition
to everything I just now wrote

what if I were under oath to tell
the truth but lied like a cop
without remorse

what if I said I lie low with you
with your reality and other stars
as a matter of course

what if I wrapped a horsehair blanket
around my contaminated cranium
until I had a baroque insight

into whether I think
our rococo love is here to stay
what if I bent over backwards

to avoid the sirocco flowing
from the south blowing
the sand of sentiment over me


Jeremy Freedman is a writer and artist in New York City. His poems have been published in Queen Mob’s, Cleaver, Cartagena, Eclectica, Otoliths and elsewhere. His photographs have been exhibited in Europe and the United States and have been recently featured in Hothouse, Redividerthe Monarch Review, the Citron Review and the Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review. More work can be seen at

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