Jeremy Freedman

Waffle House

every scene
at the Waffle House
is a crime scene
every body is lying
in a pool of butter
they don’t know
how they got here
they just don’t remember
when they reached
a fork in the road
to this jurisdiction
on a journey
to being a girl
with the Domesday Book
on her reading list
it’s so horrible
I want to live here
in fear
of my nature
that nature
every chaos
is compelling
the future
will ruin my life
if it can penetrate
my soggy sopping brain
if the information
means anything
it’s always
fat Tuesday


Jeremy Freedman is a writer and artist in New York City. His poems have been published in Queen Mob’s, Cleaver, Cartagena, Eclectica, Otoliths and elsewhere. His photographs have been exhibited in Europe and the United States and have been recently featured in Hothouse, Redivider, the Monarch Review, the Citron Review and the Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review. More work can be seen at

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