Luis Neer

Not Mandala

because everything is turned to rubble

skin of gaia tearing into pieces

i would like to extend my apology

i am sorry for everything

the sum of it
& all the fragments

the end of water lilies
the shattered snow globe

secret nights whispered moonlight
smothered by pataphor

there was an era your image was an island

in an ocean of
nothing || just loud noises

electrons raging
in their mindless ballet

now i’ve really grabbed the past by the skull

refusing to acknowledge decay

i’ve really gone off the radar

i want to channel an image expansive enough
to include every setting of my existence

hallway || stanza || rain above capitol street

every staircase in morgantown
& my bottomless email

i want to write my whole body inside a letter

paste it over the eyes of the ceiling & call it

a love poem

but these
are not love poems || not now

that’s the unpalatable thing
about change

consequence is its essence

it does not occur continuously

it is the meeting of the wail & the wall

when it hits
the past becomes fragmented

everything that is
has always been.

there is no
other way.


Luis Neer wrote this is a room where you wait for new language. He lives in west virginia & makes playlists on spotify.

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