maggie woodward

 Witch Baby

carolyn is beautiful / she & I are kindred we’re cosmic we foam at the mouth in unison / last week she told me bottle the sound of your laughter send it to me reeling through galaxies stars / carolyn our bloodlust is potent our bloodlust is sick / maybe I want to kiss carolyn on the mouth maybe I don’t / maybe we will dress ourselves in ball gowns & go see a movie / at night in my bed I tear things out of my body & in carolyn’s bed she wants to feel safe / I want to be touched by you touch me go ahead & uproot me / I’ll be right here waiting spinning webs in the dark / I’ve dreamed with lust for men who’d do anything but fuck me / my ribcage quivered for them my thigh flesh warmed til I woke / but carolyn’s a geyser she’s an elegant spider with teeth / if she were here I would kiss her say see how we’re rabid so wild / forget the men the constellations the hair I’ve ripped from my scalp in hunger


Maggie Woodward is an MFA candidate in poetry at the University of Mississippi. She is senior editor of the Yalobusha Review & curates the Trobar Ric Reading Series with poet Marty Cain. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming from Axolotl Magazine, Rust + Moth, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, and elsewhere.

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