Salma Feteha

Mortal Infinity

Come back here-my Infinity
Your deep breaths keep on calling
Me back home- to you;
My Infinity, my love.

Take me away from this
Scorching land and to forever,
Till forever sail with me;
My Infinity, my love.

Your cold waves brush away
My lust for life.
Be my knife.
My Infinity, my love.

Oh-but the day has come:
The finale of our infinity.
I realized that everything
Is mortal, is changing, is dying,
Even you: my infinity, my loss.

Oh my Mortal Infinity-
Yes, yes, yes-
I’ll be your wife,
You’ll be my knife.

Oh my Mortal Infinity-
No, no, no-
I won’t die, I did
A long time ago.


Salma Feteha is a sixteen-year-old Egyptian with an infinite passion for writing. She loves cats and winter, and does like to paint sometimes. She hopes one day to be a published writer and an architect.

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