Shy Watson

Happy Thanksgiving

on the phone
my father tells me
he’s been thinking

and that when i was little
i refused to poop

the doctors said
it was some form
of separation anxiety;

they said
i was scared
to lose a part of myself

they had to hold me down
and force a stream of water
up my ass

i would pass out immediately,
my dad tells me,
usually, i’d still be in the tub

he thought of this
because i recently asked him
if he could think of anything
that i may have repressed

and here i’ve been telling ex-boyfriends
that it was only an episode
of x-files


Shy Watson is a 22 y/o woman from rural Missouri who currently lives in Denver where she waitresses at a sports bar and is finishing school at Naropa. Links to her recently published work can be found at

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