Shy Watson

Oh, You

you upload a picture of yourself on the internet
you are wearing a white sheet,
while you stand in a shed

i miss you

hey jeff, how is white bear creek?
hey jeff, how is living by a lake?

remember how defeated you were after berkeley?
how i was like uh, maybe we can meet up?

i was the only one you told

before you threw your phone away
and boarded the bus

remember how you’d bang on my backdoor
and try to fuck me
blacked out
with his cum on your mouth?

jesus, kid
slow down
and stop walking
around my rug with the gun in your hand

i’ll wipe the lipstick from your mouth
if you will let me

and you can return to your dorm

please tell me, what’s your new address?
i’ve got two blankets

and a novel by lispector
i’d like you to read


Shy Watson is a 22 y/o woman from rural Missouri who currently lives in Denver where she waitresses at a sports bar and is finishing school at Naropa. Links to her recently published work can be found at

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