TayMarie Lorenzo

Body Breaks

when the body breaks itself
the tiny fragments do one of two things:

1)    they dissipate into
       the fragile space
       that broke the body
       in the first place

2)    they dart off
       in all different directions
       and in seconds
       coalesce back together
       as a separate, new entity

I remember a lover’s body
breaking in front of me
the fragments
fluttering around like
                       confetti skin
                               confetti hair
                                       confetti genitals

and I thought
I should grab the
precious modicum
mix the particles
with water and glue
mummify my lover into a
paper mache person
crack it in half
press it against my ear

call out
            for the

but instead
all I could do
was think about
how the strangest thing
the body can do
is become a stranger to itself
and the most
horrific thing I could do
would be to interrupt
the intimate moment
my lover’s body was having
without mine


TayMarie Lorenzo is an Undergrad at Missouri State University and currently serves as an Assistant Editor for Moon City Review.  Find her on Instagram @tayymmarie.

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