TayMarie Lorenzo

Water Plant

You have more than one plant and that’s more than I can say for myself

I am a flower who needs watering

I am a flower crushed under your size 9 foot

You are wearing heels now instead of work boots

You complain about how hard it is to find a woman’s shoe in your size

I always want to tell you to cut off your toes, not because I want to hurt you but
because without them you would forget all of the times I had them in my mouth

That was my move
I know because I’ve seen your feet in those stilettos and they are covered in dirt  

You’ve probably forgotten my move already

Sometimes you stick your fingers in your mouth and I can’t tell if it’s a signal

I used to be able to pick up on your signals

You used to be a blinking Las Vegas chapel

I would’ve gotten married inside of you any day

You go by Ariel now instead of Aaron

Someone asked me what that means for ‘us’

It means I’ve learned I’m still thirsty every time you come around me

I had a dream you called me a popsicle and I literally melted

I had a dream we were in a beauty pageant against each other and you won

I handed you a bouquet and fell to the floor and you wrapped the sash around my neck
and we still got it on

I won’t water your plant because it’s old and done for  

I won’t water your plant because I don’t want you to know that it’s already dead, and
that it sheds its expired pieces as easily as you do


TayMarie Lorenzo is an Undergrad at Missouri State University and currently serves as an Assistant Editor for Moon City Review.  Find her on Instagram @tayymmarie.

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