Amanda Minkkinen

My town went cold when the girl
went missing

A woman pokes at soil, searching
for a nose or a finger. 

The mothers wait for their daughters,
slicing yams, baking bread, soaking beans

They tear the meat from their hips.
The fathers mourn their daughters 

before they go missing. She warns you,
do not serve the flesh of your hands 

when the food is gone. She tears
the meat from her hips

and places it in the dog bowl
for her boy

she shouts and weeps and claws
at her throat, how
did I come here?

why does my hair fall out,
and why do I smell more of bone
than sweat? 


Amanda Minkkinen lives in Denmark. She has had work published in the Cadaverine and work shortlisted for the Keats-Shelley Young Romantics prize in 2015 and 2016.


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