Elisa Luna-Ady

i think about starving myself / to kill what’s left of you inside me / i think about gorging myself / on rot and adderall / so you will exit faster / i think i fall asleep too often / and always when the characters in a film are about to be slaughtered / i think they call that narcolepsy / i think i’m desensitized to gore / because i’ve watched you beat my stepmom at 4am so many times / and because you took me to my first r-rated movie at five years old / i still think about the girl delimbed by a coyote in an underground parking lot / i still think about showering my half-sister when the hate-fucking was loud enough that she might hear / i still think about male apathy / when i see men smoking cigarettes / while watching women drown / i am the woman / and you are the water / and i marlboro my way into your mouth


Elisa Luna-Ady is a soft-eyed Chicana from Southern California. She enjoys reading texts on revolution and picking fights with people. She tweets @astronomyhoe.

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