Lily Trotta

today i am made of chocolate
a bunny,
hollow and warm
i smeared on your fingertips
as hot sun dipped
through your curtains.
i left jittering, sticky,
a buzz that guided me home
from the layers of sweet candied hair
and drizzled cocoa in my steps.
it seemed absurd
to have done anything
but drip a chocolate trail
everywhere i’d ever walked,
like i learned
circular breathing for this day,
spent months practicing
my posture my timing my cardio
for this morning
between our apartments,
one long sugared breath.


Lily Trotta is an NYU graduate raised in Connecticut, but give her a break, okay? When not writing, she makes cookie dough, overshares, and tries to hold it together in public. Her writing can be found in Peach Mag and Vagabond City, and her heart can be found on Twitter @lilytrotta.

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