Mary Boo Anderson

Every day I grow more shameless
Rubbing my butt across the office carpet

When I think of business casual
I think of a t-shirt with a suit print on it

Tindering under my desk
Like playing footsie with the void

Opening new tabs when shadows cross
Writing poems in spreadsheets

I fantasize about the things
I could do with a can of dry shampoo

At CVS after work I consider buying a box of condoms
But it’s cheaper to get a bottle of ibuprofen

I chew the pills under my covers
Don’t feel any better or worse

You can return anything
if you look disappointed enough


Mary Boo Anderson is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York. She has been featured in Spy Kids Review, GlitterMOB, and Things Created By People among others. You can find her subtweeting the patriarchy @whoismaryboo.

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