Nicholas Bon

Face to face with the brick wall is when we finally get focused

Molotov cocktail to the brain & skull & ice picks & grappling hooks

& all that          I’ll scale the exterior walls of the compound

with a knife held between my teeth          It’s a well-known fact

that you can make napalm with Styrofoam and gasoline          At least

it’s Googleable          We haven’t reached our data caps yet

We’re still wandering in the wasteland          Don’t forget to be angry

Don’t forget to paint your face in your hellish paint          It’s all

important eventually          like love          like retirement accounts

like self-worth          They built a golden calf to escape the desert

hell          Where would we even get that much gold


Nicholas Bon lives in Georgia, where he edits Epigraph Magazine. You can find his poems in West Wind Review, UCity Review, Right Hand Pointing, and elsewhere. Visit him online at


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