Catch Business

Mutated Mirrors

we wait for the door
to sound like i am not
small enough to step

when you open and i’m trapped
i don’t mean to blame anyone
else they might ache

there are too many of them
not enough understand me

i admit in naivety i can’t
stand conversations with
commercials they create

rewinding my own unhappy
a sickness spreads thru
the lost focus in your eyes

don’t look before trust
is already established and
collaborations confirmed

over my owned words
and the limbs turning

you are more than you
if you expect to be
and if you allow yourself

continue to think of me
as one self so we won’t
touch the saddest truce

the only thing i understand
or have come to terms with
or feel capable of posting is

an encapsulation of my capacity
to realize every person’s realities

come streaming in
or sliding down at different rates
over mutated moments like mine


catch business is a young woman and an unknown writer. her work has been featured in electric cereal, be about it, the bohemyth, what kind of trouble, zoomoozophone review, and elsewhere. her first chapbook ‘high&low’ is forthcoming from saucepot publishing. she hopes one day she will no longer be considered a muse and men will stop stealing lines from her poems. @shhakin

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