Catch Business

Pretending I Don't Know

magnetism recoils
when what i want
is a derivative of what i’ve had

what i lost is a reminder
of what i gained if only you

that’s all i need to sleep at night
and no i won’t stop talking
long enough to start your snore

maybe silence was
taught to me before
but i don’t know now
i can’t remember

please don’t poke me
or place blame is all
i’ve been able to afford

nearest to what i nicked
from the necessary loses
i can’t stop thinking about

but i’m trying to stop
comparing mine to hers


catch business is a young woman and an unknown writer. her work has been featured in electric cereal, be about it, the bohemyth, what kind of trouble, zoomoozophone review, and elsewhere. her first chapbook ‘high&low’ is forthcoming from saucepot publishing. she hopes one day she will no longer be considered a muse and men will stop stealing lines from her poems. @shhakin


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