Marcus Slease

Circus! Circus!

imperfection continues on perpetually
to continue              the melody
life splits                  faster than scissors
probing the moment
then floating it
slurping the air        we grow large
then small
at the all-u-can-eat buffet
with Tim                   Jeff and Peter and Michael
none of this               is visionary
the lips                      are heavenly
I am bad bad            another Circus! Circus!
& naked
German ladies          in their 80s
a piñata                    of old flames
an old bottle             of cocoa butter
to ooo and coooo
in the shao lin heart
of the people’s poetry


Marcus Slease was born in Portadown, N. Ireland and moved to Las Vegas at age 12. Currently he lives in the Docklands of East London and teaches English as a foreign language. His latest book is Rides (Blart Books, 2014). Recent poetry has appeared, or will appear, in Similar:Peaks, Glittermob, Prelude, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Toad Suck Review, Map Literary, The Atlas Review, and theNewerYork.

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