Erin Dorney


A man puts his arm around a woman after she touches her chest after she hears a poem about a dog in Barnes & Noble. I am writing about my “rural experiences” aka murdering deformed ducklings with a frying pan aka 6th grade girls watching a film where a man makes ovaries out of pancake batter aka buying hot chocolate from the snack stand at the soccer games. There was a time when I discovered birth photography and spent hours on the internet watching strangers leaning over bathtubs and there was a time I discovered literotica and printed some out and my brother stole it from my room. A woman saves her tumor from the medical waste bin after she finds out it was filled with hair. Please don’t put Batman on my body, please, I don’t want to be splashed, I don’t wanna talk about it, I ate before I came. I told one brother to kill a snake with a golf club and he did.


Erin Dorney is a founding editor of The Triangle. Her work has been published in theNewerYork, The Pinch, The Fox Chase Review, and Potluck Mag, among others. She can be found on Twitter at @edorney or at

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