Bob Sykora

We Sleep with Computers

Most nights they just sort of lie there – they don’t
really do much. A new kind of nightlight,
pulsating next to our faces, humming
louder as their fans grow angry with dust.
Comforting us with the same tv shows,
Frasier over and over. Some nights we
watch people fucking on our computers.
Some nights we pass out clicking through pictures –
a party at your college apartment,
an impromptu trip to the beach. Some nights
I fall asleep with your face next to me
on the screen, four years ago, hair blonder,
wearing that plaid shirt you never gave back.
Some nights our computers die while we’re asleep.


Bob Sykora is an MFA candidate at UMass Boston and the poetry editor for Breakwater Review. His chapbook “I Was Talking About Love – You Are Talking About Geography” was a winner of the 2016 Nostrovia! Press chapbook contest and will be published in July. He can be found at

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