Erin Taylor


there is a tiny stream we sit by on emerald earth,
my palm lies next to your palm waiting to make love
the bones in my fingers ache at your sudden movements.
there is no spring more giving than this one
the grass has never been so vibrant, the flowers consistent,
i wait for your touch, my movement determined by your movement.
my longing could fill an ocean, a black pit, a black hole, a dark room
where we could live.
in sudden movements flashing forward
you blur into me, i blur into you,
our bodies become emerald, rushing, frantic, a private disorderly peace
there are birds yet they do not sing, just observe our fall from public
& yet all is calm, all is conjoined solitude among bark & moss,
our bodies stay entwined until moss grows over us &
the earth becomes our only mother, our polyamorous lover, &
my knees interlock with your knees,
my bones become your bones
& the tiny stream floods into a river.
we float.


Erin Taylor is a Tulsan poet currently based in Hangzhou, China. Her poetry has appeared in Moloko House, Reality Beach, Fog Machine, Words Dance, Be About It, and more. She has a chapbook of poetry OOOO (Bottlecap Press 2016). You can find more of her writings and emotional ramblings at

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