Aleks Samoylov


Unbridled space unwound, solemn – across the states of matter,
Matter-of-factly, Jim, in a box of glass, beheld the ages looming,
Like vast planetary masses, over desert . . .

(A mad sky, disheveled and raucous and solemn –
some strange ritual, like a procession of pans) 

. . . Where the sunlight was bright and hot,
And comfortable reclining chairs lined the room,
One after one after one,
some empty –
They came to die
Relieved, at last, and afraid –
And to ascend, so they say – or travel, or return,
Or otherwise to move,
Re-materialize elsewhere.

They tell you that the passage is easy, surprisingly,
Much like the removal of clothes –
“Stand naked before the bright sun of this system,
And let it adore you, finally, and wash you away,
Flaring out onto unbridled space,
So that you may unwind, and see, finally, the solid procession,
One upon one upon one.”
– Of vast bodies, limitless, unembraceable,
Impossible, warm and cold,
Unspooling across eternity – full and empty,
Big, big, big!

The Nymphs and Satyrs would caper thus,
Across the milky way, and Dionysus himself rides,
Frightening in his aspect – his true form awful,
Everywhere gnarled root and claw and light
and rock and river and leaf and beast and shadow,
And sheets upon sheets upon sheets of shivering night
And glistening stream and the cries of lost men.
Dear Lord, he comes riding on the tail of all things and,
Between the eyes, strikes you, hard and fast
And oh Gods, how you tumble!
You can feel it, turning, in your gut.

And all tales begin and end in death,
Folded one onto the other (a perfect point), death onto death,
And so, he felt,
The sun of this system would return him,
Naked, to that peaked point, that simple gate.
The sun of a mad system – it too rides in a chariot by day, every day
Day after day after day.


Aleks Samoylov is an artist, designer, and writer living and working within the borders of the continental United States. He has recently finished work on his first novel and is enthusiastically exploring his options for publication. His second novel is currently in the early stages of being written, and may someday get finished, if Aleks has sufficient vitality left over for the task. If you’re interested in what Aleks is up to, feel free to visit his home on the world wide web at


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