Azia DuPont


I keep thinking of all the tiny mountains beneath my fingernails
All the colonies in the valleys
And who they invaded to get there
How the invaders insisted they were liberators
How many people were probably told to be thankful
How many women were raped until they finally said Thank You
My heart is with however many of them
Cried themselves to sleep last night
I picture millions
Their home no longer feeling like a home
Everything suddenly foreign
But can anything really feel like home
When you don’t enjoy being inside your own body
We all run away from our bodies for a recommended
Eight hours every night
Just like that we close our eyes and float away
Upon our return we rub our eyes
We wonder What is this skin I’m in? Whose hands?
We just want to belong
For someone to look us in the eyes and say Thank God, you’re home.


Azia DuPont, a Minnesota native, currently resides in California. She founded the small press Dirty Chai in 2012. You can find her online at or via Twitter @aziadupont.

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