Jason Heroux

Note to Self

Note to self,
please remember
to water the glass
before drinking
from it otherwise
it will die. Tell me
which came first
the chicken
or the chicken wing?
I’m not sure why
everything is where
it is but deep down
I believe my tuna
casserole is your
tuna casserole.
Plus I believe
all the cobwebs
in my house
are homemade.
Note to self,
I have at least
one body. I feel
some bones inside it.
Sometimes I wonder
where dead people
come from and then
I remember.


Jason Heroux lives in Kingston, Ontario. His most recent books are the poetry collection Natural Capital (Mansfield Press, 2012) and the novella We Wish You a Happy Killday (Burning Bulb Publishing, 2014). He tweets @jason_heroux.

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