Nooks Krannie


I was sure about new york even before you physically removed the bourbon laughter from the table/convince me about the spring foams on your back/share me with you, me/me with the escalating mice that dig our metaphorical cheeses, they melt under arm sweat in this new york capital sugar fumes/fatty cubes removed from the bucket/they’re our mice!! ours!/they belong to us/in our outdated moans, hollow like infected webs & they belong to this foot/our foot, we shared with one sad pinky tail/swish your arms in a manner of urban glitter so it sticks to your every word/physically removed/convinced of the ache in my spine/physically/sitting so the cross of my pipes holds enough ramen for you to start heaving again/I hear ramen is like a jellied ninja to determine your official new york virginity/also shame pancakes/syrup body soak/each day.


Nooks likes people and kindness, sometimes people are not kind and that is sad but also life. She likes being called Nooks. She likes to write words and wants people to read them.

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