Rachel Brien

Death to Amoeba

Manifesto of love:
every day tell at least one thing you love it

We have common interests,
so we’re practically related –

Nobody’s that cool
when you’re older
than everyone

Quinoa crackers,
Your smugness has unhinged me
Charming quinoa crackers –
is this love?

If that’s him – wow,
I can’t un-see that

If I say nothing,
and pretend like I’m not from here,
can we act like this never happened?

Dream cloud:
you dream about it,
then you become it
And then you feel elated –
but mostly spent

is a concept
I don’t subscribe to

A social construct,
I just don’t have time to


Rachel Brien is from Melbourne studying in her undergraduate degree. She writes for enjoyment and is interested in nature, art, music, literature and sustainability.

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