Wiley Birkhofer

Pillow Talk

Will this all amount to nothing?
A talk in the walk.
A park in the dark.
I park myself within five feet
And smell your power.
It smells like toast.
A break from poetry
For love and fear.
A mingling of mynas.
You wept my heart
And I your sleeve.
I will prevail in dying
too soon to see you die
in someone else’s.
Please appreciate
The desperation.
Two wasps eating
each other to death.
Please appreciate the poetry.
Do your worst, justice.
A tree for my grave.
A grave for a heart.
For a while.
A whistle in my heart
Sounds a lot like yours.
There must be someone
In there.


Wiley Birkhofer (1987-2014) was a poet, musician, and artist from Menlo Park, CA. He studied English at Stanford and poetry at the graduate writing program at NYU, where he earned his MFA in 2014. Other poems can be found in Split Infinitive, Word Riot, Punchnel’s, and at wileybirkhofer.com.

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