Carmen E Brady

Our Very Own Lexicon

all the happiness i could have had

feels like bubbling now.

i promise i’ll leave any child i have nameless until it speaks—

i will call it only by identifiable human traits,

and we will make a language of closeness or farness together.

our very own lexicon,

saying things like,

i like mirrors with flower print on them.

my planner has birds perched on wires on the cover.

i was born in the desert on the last day of summer
five days after my mother’s 30th birthday

coming in sweaty with tears, i have always been the end.

the last time i planned, if you look, was january.

this is all laid out–

these are the traces and how things will seem.


Carmen E Brady is a bag of tears and drunk tweets zipped into a human costume. Her writing has been on pieces of paper and internet websites like Shabby Doll House and Electric Cereal. She is the end of youth on twitter @therealcbrad, and is a dispassionate cup of tea at

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