Greg Zorko


after we had Taco Bell breakfast for the first time

you told me: 

“i felt way more emotionally close with Dennis Rodman after i listened to his Hall of Fame speech”

and that is just one part of the reason

that you are like staring into an iPhone.

i think

that it is part of the minimum of space between us

when i am looking at a bird

and you are thinking about Bruce Springsteen

and being 9 years old.

find me in my room

wearing your flower print leggings

find me spitting sunflower seeds

into a textbook

find me when you give up looking for your keys

lie down in bed

between the Winnie the Pooh doll

and the talking Cheburashka doll

look at the glow-in-the-dark skulls

that you put on my ceiling.

think about the way your own skull glows in the dark.


Greg Zorko is from Albany, New York. Some of his poems have appeared in Hobart, Electric Cereal and FiveQuarterly. He tweets @Zorknogg and blogs at

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