Stephanie Lu

Just Add Math

i write so much poetry it is exhausting you know how
stanzas are exhausting, always making you cut up your sentences in little chunks
and worst of all: sometimes the end result is so disappointing

it feels like opening a bottle of perrier
and getting foamy water all over your shirt
before you even get to take a sip and anyway

i am not even in love the way a real poet should be,
not with a girl or a boy or everyday life
the way billy collins is—i mean i don’t even like math

even though i think math would make a great addition to the poetry world
because i have seen approximately zero poets
writing about slope fields or polynomials

and why is that? why did the chinese write about the moon so often
if they were such amazing mathematicians?


Stephanie Lu lives in San Jose, California. Her house is full of cat hair and she likes reading funny things.

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