Amanda Dissinger


this morning i discovered i was attracted to henry rollins
in his bearded phase of course
honeydew, seltzer, tattoos
the first time i’d been turned on in a while

this morning i thought about the most attractive guy i ever kissed
a nonverbal understanding that he had the upper hand
taught me how to unbelieve
i have any good left in me

this morning i thought about getting brunch alone again
could read a book or
text an invisible suitor
write a lengthy and involved love poem on a napkin

this morning i stayed in bed,
kept thinking of you
and how i will never be satisfied with my stomach
shut the blinds


Amanda Dissinger works with all sorts of music in Brooklyn. She released her first book of poetry This is How I Will Tell You I Love You (Bottlecap Press) in May 2015. She has also been published at Potluck Mag, Rain Party Disaster Society, The Legendary, Be About It Press, Abrams Books/Poetry Bomb and more.

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