Jakob Maier


— to Sarah from Tacoma, WA

It has been a hard time. I hit a family
of deer with my car & I feel way off.
I want to know what some young
person might have named them.
This was in a video game, but it is not
meaningless—hurt for them with me.

In May, I stood with K near Marble Arch,
with its 35ft horse head in pigeon shit
bronze. She told me that old dualism,
that I am too digital, she too natural.
What does a doe like her see in dreams—
a headless horse with its tail swinging fast?

Washington is a wonderful place to eat
mushrooms & listen to Simon & Garfunkel.
I named the neighborhood’s stray cats
after them this July. I know them well.
You should see how they curl into each other.
Feel with me the new sadness of it all.

Sarah, this letter is nearing its end—my laptop
is dying & I do not wish to bore you.
For now, think of me as a man in mourning
for a family of digital deer. Think of me beneath
that horse’s big head. Think of me singing
hello darkness to the cats purring in their chair.


Jakob Maier is an MFA candidate at Syracuse University, where he works as a poetry editor for Salt Hill Journal. His work has been published in Shabby Doll House, Metatron’s ÖMËGA blog, The Mays Anthology, Human Parts, The Newer York, and more. You can find him at iammaier.tumblr.com and twitter.com/iammaier.


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