Jakob Maier

Sleep Scene

Anna thinks they are just fireworks
and the dogs think they are other dogs
but they are really just one person
firing at another person, or at the moon,
which is high up and all the way full.
She says, “I hope they are celebrating,”
and according to their volume, I think
the dogs agree. These things seem
to work in cycles—I do not know
of any other comparisons to make.
Anna and I hold each other and whisper.
We imagine the party they are having.


Jakob Maier is an MFA candidate at Syracuse University, where he works as a poetry editor for Salt Hill Journal. His work has been published in Shabby Doll House, Metatron’s ÖMËGA blog, The Mays Anthology, Human Parts, The Newer York, and more. You can find him at iammaier.tumblr.com and twitter.com/iammaier.

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