Simina Banu

Splattered Bugs

All the jobs Ive ever had
have involved watering some fountain.

Youre useful,the mosquito insists.

I dump orange juice
into the garden.

Its cleansing,sighs the earthworm, sizzling.

Upworthy demands I pick a favourite egg.
Lets have it all be over. Easy.

Ive met worse,consoles the false black widow.

I trip on the sidewalk and distort
a pigeon.

Maybe get it together a bit,warns the deer tick.

That being sad,
my hero:

the child in the ice cream shop,
announcing to his friends,

I want to be the messiest.
I am made of chocolate.


Simina Banu is a Canadian poet. She is an outsider investigator of the oddities that inhabit the English language—from its strange punctuation, to its accidental musicality, to its meanings, unconfined by the structure of words, wandering and irretrievable. Her poetry has been featured in journals such as In/Words Magazine, untethered, and Otoliths. In 2015, words(on)pages press published her first chapbook, where art. She is currently pursuing an MA in English at the University of Windsor.


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