Holly Keys

Kookaburra Point

The five of them went to Kookaburra Point, a secluded place by a big lake. They made a fire and drank cider. They went swimming in the lake as the sun was going down and listened to ’90s hip-hop. Audrey and Eddie often wondered about the ethics of enjoying misogynistic ’90s hip-hop. They had yet to reach a conclusion on the topic. They then discussed the fact that none of them knew exactly what a mollusk was. “What qualities must something possess to qualify as a mollusk?” There was no phone reception at Kookaburra Point so they couldn’t look it up. They then talked about Modigliani paintings. They agreed that Modigliani paintings were creepy and that there was evil lurking in them. Then they talked about the pathetic transphobia of Germaine Greer. Then they talked about the ghosts that live in gum trees and the superiority of spicy brown mustard over seeded mustard. Audrey and Eddie then told Zoe, Rachel and Fran about the time they painted all the light bulbs in Eddie and Zoe’s house pink, and that because they used normal paint and not glass paint the paint started to burn and the house smelled of smoke and they only got to enjoy the pink light bulbs for twenty minutes before they had to replace them.


Holly Keys is an Australian writer living in New York. She has been published on Electric Cereal and new wave vomit.

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