Peter Cole Friedman


The day after she has died, Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof turns to The Star reporter in her coffin. His puffy face is visible to her via an iPad, which has been positioned opposite her head. The outside of her coffin is painted sky blue, with clouds and flowers along the side and a picture of the Geldof family at the back. It is lined with red velvet. There are no flowers inside. The reporter jumps at the sight of her movement. Her arms are thin thin, the skin almost lavender, and she is wearing Google Glass (custom, monogrammed). The reporter clicks his mouse violently and reopens a minimized Twitter window, where the draft of a tweet he has written earlier is waiting. Inside the coffin, Peaches can hear the reporter’s clicking coming through the iPad. It had been silent. He considers pressing “tweet,” but stops. Peaches notices a small red blip of light at the upper right corner of her “ceiling.” She extends a painted fingernail. The reporter’s mouth opens involuntarily. His body feels slightly numb. His head tilts, following the fingernail. A popup opens on his desktop ~~*HOTT SEXII BABES IN YOUR AREA XXX LIVE CAMS WAITING WATCH NOW FREE*~~ briefly obscuring his view, and he X’s it out with an aggressive pointer finger. Peaches reaches for the Google Glass. “Fuck,” the reporter mutters to himself. Peaches’ swollen fingers don’t have enough strength to lift the Google Glass up off her nose. “Breaking news from @TheStar: #PeachesGeldof #ghost #selfie!” the tweet reads. It is 81 characters long. The reporter shakes his head. He changes the exclamation mark to a question mark and clicks “tweet.” He closes his eyes and listens for notifications. The sound of retweets fills Peaches’ coffin. At some point, she lowers her hands. From inside, the velvet looks black.


Peter Cole Friedman is a poet and artist based in New York City. He co-edits glitterMOB and is currently pursuing his MFA through the University of New Orleans.

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