Adam Tedesco

It’s not hard to fall in love
with this feeling of metal
scraped against my teeth
screws holding the fluorescent
light in place above me
made by people who will never feel
pain and shades made by people
who get what they deserve
and past them spiders
crawl toward the window
or maybe curled leaves blowing
as light shifts across a tabletop
then the tennis court
past trunks of dead trees

there’s a laughed at feeling
of some secret truth seen
in the suspect desire of others
or a mirror large enough
that even without drugs
we begin each day in laughter
and prayer like
may I deserve to die
the way in which I came to be
then sort our pills
for each hour laughing
at history as history is
laughing back
an answer


Adam Tedesco is a founding editor of REALITY BEACH, a journal of new poetics. He conducts interviews and analyzes dreams for Drunk In A Midnight Choir. His recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in Funhouse, Fanzine, Souvenir, Cosmonauts Avenue, Hobart, Plinth and elsewhere. He is the author of several chapbooks, most recently HEART SUTRA (REALITY BEACH), and ABLAZA, forthcoming from Lithic Press.