Dan Brat

I remember the best time I made Sarah cry.
We were taking a break.
I hadn’t seen her in 6 months.
We met up at the cat coffee shop.
It’s a coffee shop.
The theme is cats.
There are cats in the shop.
You can pet them.
You can feed them.
They live there.
She asked me how I was doing and pulled out a tarot set.
I laughed and said I wanted to melt and that I’ve been really into those fat batteries lately.
I asked her if she ever noticed that almost all toilet paper is white.
And that we don’t live in a meritocracy but a mediocracy.
And how do we really know we are somewhere?
Did you hear that Alan Vega died?
She cried.


Dan Brat intentionally lives in Kendall, Florida, is a trained confetti man who creates uncomfortable spaces for those around him. – Kayla