Nooks Krannie

I got ice cream fever some time in the middle of your brother’s beard,
I’m no good at being an almond crisp ’cause allergies
& also ’cause vagina and coconuts.

It’s so fucking hard to be a chihuahua with a glazed donut syndrome,
like I’m a saint of some asshole’s crumpled wood,
it’s not even a metaphor before you accuse me
of stuffing the good stuff/sniffing I meant. Shush.

So yeah, your brother is a lying/laying thick volcanoes in the freezer aisle
in microwavable chicken skins/also hot sauce & yeah I would never fuck
’cause pills make me into sand castles

I ate too much fuzz & now I have no friends that care about your brother’s beard.
Also hmu like ok your bro bro can come with a razor. your bro bro is ok too.


Nooks Krannie is a girl. She writes stuff and is eternally confused. So far she has been spending 2017 writing poems about how no one missed her in 2016. She likes words a lot, hers have appeared in Witch Craft Magazine, Fur-Lined Ghettos, Wu-Wei Fashion Mag, Reality Beach and other various cool places.