PJ Carmichael


Flashing neon sign advertising
my vices at the corner store,

spare change littering cracked
streets, I walk on through

the empire, eyes of the
courthouse watching my voyage.

(Rain falls through sickly
orange haze.)

From a short distance, the
taxis grow closer to green lights,

the passion of a stop sign
is frozen at the intersection,

a man stumbles over high
curbs, falls to the sidewalk
in defeat.

The archways of entrances
welcome plastics and other
infinite waste, bricks hiding in

the walls of buildings. A
skyscraper collapses and everyone

loses their minds,

but for once
I can see the sky.


PJ Carmichael is a writer, artist, noise musician, and spiritualist from Wakefield, Massachusetts. He enjoys the changing of seasons, chronicling the most pressing daily trivialities, and playful inquiry into the nature of the divine. He runs Mass Love Distro, a New England-based arts production and distribution endeavor.